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Problems and potential

The cross-border dependency, the inadequate possibilities for measuring water quantity and quality and the inefficient use of water is one of the main problems in Central Asia. The optimal use of the water, the protection of the water resources and the protection of human beings as well as infrastructure against floods is of crucial interest to the countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The strong willingness to solve water related questions is underlined by the fact that the five countries have signed an agreement in which terms and conditions of water use are agreed.

As of today the hydrometeorological surveys of the region are in a desolate state in regard to finance and infrastructure. Some equipment is out dated and no spare parts for maintenance are available anymore. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan hydrometeorological surveys are in a better position compared to those in Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan and Turkmenistan.

These facts were already recognised in the early nineties by the World Bank and in 1995 Switzerland (financed by SECO) agreed to implement a project called "Improvement of Hydrometeorological Surveys in Central Asia". The experience gained by this projects shows that the political as well as the technical bodies are willing to co - operate in the field of water. As a result of the co - operation the meteorological surveys of the five countries have improved and the understanding of the need of well functioning meteorological surveys is established. However, it is also evident that a lot has to be done to improve the technical, personal and organisational capacity of the hydrometeorological surveys, hence this project.

Project objectives

Improvement of the hydrometeorological base-line information for water resources management will cover the period about 10-15 years by
  • capacity building measures in observation, processing and forecast of hydrometeorological parameters;
  • supporting of a Regional Centre of Hydrology to strengthen the cooperation between the 5 independent states;
  • organisational capacity building measures within the hydrometeorological surveys;
  • creating links of this project to other Swiss financed projects such as the project on "Institutional Arrangements for Improved Water Management in the Ferghana Valley" and the "Contribution to the automatisation of sluice gates in the Ferghana Valley";
  • networking with other organisations involved in water related projects in the region.
The projects are coordinated by the Swiss Aral Sea Mission (SASM).
Tel: 99 (871) 120-63-76
Fax: 99 (871) 120-63-76
Address: K. Makhsumov str., 72 Tashkent, 700052, Usbekistan

Tasks of the Regional Centre of Hydrology

Based on the successful implementation of the initial projects, the Swiss government decided to implement and support a Regional Center of Hydrology (RCH). RCH was initiated by the five gidromets and is financed by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

The main tasks of the Regional Centre of Hydrology are:
  • provision of training in the field of hydrology;
  • coordination of regional activities;
  • operation of a forecast and information system;
  • support in development (maintenance, capacity-building).

The Centre supports the provision of hydrological baseline information for regional projects and the provision of basin-relevant information.


22-23 Feb. 2001
"Organization of Regional Center of Hydrology" seminar [more...]
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